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Nail Salon Safety


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Can a Barbicide solution safely be used in a jet pedicure station for sterilization and sanitation? We are looking for a solution to use that is not abrasive to the pipes and jets - bleach or barbicide solution?

Robin K. In S Carolina

We will be happy to assist you with this question, first you should check with the State Board of cosmetology in your state to see if they have specific requirements for the products used.

With that said:
Under new federal advisories put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Infection and the EPA, all equipment must be cleaned and DISINFECTED after each client (and not just sanitized or cleaned).

So, if a spa employee uses Barbicide to disinfectant a piece of spa equipment, the mixing rate (amount of water mixed with Barbicide) would be so costly that no one would do it (per gallon of water you must mix 8 ounces of Barbicide, so if you have a 6 gallon pedicure station, that's 48 ounces of Barbicide that you would have to dilute into the spa chair after each customer!)!!

Ameri-Kleen which has a 1 ounce per 1 gallon mixture ratio. That means that if you have a 6 gallon tub of water to disinfect, its requires only 6 ounces of chemicals and not 48 ounces compared to Barbicide (read label on bottle to see what the PROPER mixture rate the disinfectant that you use requires you to mix it at to be classified as a true disinfectant).

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Maintenance

AmeriSpa, LLC highly recommends the following cleaning and disinfecting regimen. In
most instances it exceeds public health standards, including those issued by various
states’ Boards of Cosmetology. However, you should contact your local governing agency for their specific cleaning and disinfecting requirements and regulations for pedicure spas. For your patrons’ safety, always use the regulations as a minimum standard for cleaning and disinfecting. Combining your state’s standards with the regimen listed below will provide your patrons a safe and healthy pedicure spa environment and experience.

1. Routine maintenance. Powdered cleansers or abrasives are NOT RECOMMENDED. A clean sponge and towel are all that are usually needed. A stiff bristled brush may be used when excessive residue is present. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the upholstery, but do not wet excessively. 

Ameri-Kleen™ may be used in place of soap and add the benefit of *sanitizing the spa surfaces (other than the basin), upholstery and footrest when used in a dilution of ½ oz per gallon of water and allowed to remain in contact with the surface for at least 60 seconds. Wipe dry with a clean towel. State Boards and OSHA, requires that bottles be clearly marked as a “Sanitizer” for safety. No internal maintenance of the spa components is necessary, other than the *cleaning and *disinfecting regimen as listed below.

2. Between each customer drain all water and remove all debris from the basin. Fill
the basin with clean warm water. Add a low-foaming detergent to water, operate the whirlpool for 3 to 5 minutes to clean the surfaces, walls and internal components of the spa. Drain the water. Refill the basin with fresh, warm water, then add the required amount (proper dilution is critical) of an EPA Registered disinfectant with demonstrated bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity, which must be used according to manufacturer’s instructions. Operate the whirlpool for 10 minutes (or the time specified by the manufacturer of the disinfectant). For ease of use and superior results, we recommend the use of Ameri-Kleen™, an EPA Registered hospital grade One-Step Disinfectant and Cleaner, specifically formulated for whirlpool pedicure spas. Ameri-Kleen™ combines surfactants and chelating detergents with the hospital grade disinfectant that eliminates the need for separate cleaning and disinfecting steps. Rinse with clean, clear water and drain water from basin. Wipe dry with a clean towel. Special Note to Bio-Smart™ Users: The dilution, injection of Ameri-Kleen™ disinfectant cleaner and the timing of the whirlpool cleaning and disinfecting cycle is completely automated for you. Please refer to your Bio-Smart™ user’s guide for additional information.

3. At the end of each day remove the intake suction screen by rotating the screen
Counter-clockwise, as shown in the illustration. Remove all debris trapped behind
the screen. Wash the screen and the inlet with low-foaming detergent and water or Ameri-Kleen™, an EPA-registered disinfectant and cleaner, mixed to the proper dilution (1 oz to 1 gallon of water). Before replacing the screen, perform one of the following  two procedures:
• Wash the screen in a chlorine bleach solution of 1 teaspoon of 5.25% chlorine
to 1 gallon of water
• Totally immerse the screen in Ameri-Kleen™, an EPA-registered disinfectant, mixed to the proper dilution (1 oz to 1 gallon of water). The use of Ameri-Kleen™ eliminates the need for 2 separate steps.
• Allow screen to remain immersed in either solution for 10 minutes.
Finally, perform cleaning and disinfecting as in “between each customer”. Rinse with clean, clear water and drain.

4. Every other week: After following the outlined cleaning procedures for the end
of day, fill the basin with cool water and add 1 oz of 5.25% chlorine bleach solution. Circulate the solution through the whirlpool system for 5 to 10 minutes.
Let the solution stay in the spa overnight (6 to 10 hours). The following morning
(Before the first customer) drain and flush the system with clean, clear water.
CAUTION: Chlorine bleach is a highly corrosive chemical. When used in high concentration it can cause damage to seals, gaskets and some plastic parts of any whirlpool pedicure spa. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DILUTION RATE

Note:  Cleaning or sanitizing is NOT disinfecting. According to the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC), and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), disinfecting occurs only when there is a reduction of pathogenic microbes at 99.999%.
Sanitizing is only a reduction of 99.9%. Cleaning of whirlpool pedicure spas requires
surfactants and chelating detergents that are low-foaming and have the ability to remove body oils, organic oil additives, mineral oil, skin cells, nail clippings, etc. that can accumulate both in the basin and the spa waterways (jets, intakes, etc.) and become a fertile area for micro organisms (biofilm) to grow.

It is recommended (in some states it is law) that you keep a record or log of the end of day and biweekly cleaning and disinfecting of your whirlpool pedicure spa. Check with your state board or other governing body for specific laws and regulations regarding
foot spas and/or whirlpool pedicure spas.  Website for the EPA / CDC advisory:

I hope this information fits your needs, besides New life, this product is also available at Sally’s Beauty Supply if there is one in your area. 





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