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This Week's Feature: Return of Health Spas in 2009

 Top Ten Spa Trends 2009

2009 will be a defining year of separating Spavelous spa experiences from the average spa experience. A spa fad is a unique spa service which comes and goes but does not stand the test of time. A Spa Trend is something that develops with time and holds up for a substantial time period. Spa Week Spa Specials

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2009 Spa Trends and Anti Aging Treatments Spa
Skin Resurfacing and Wrinkles spa treatments
Perfect Body in 2009 massage


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Spa Question of The Week

I am going to a spa with some friends in a few weeks to start our New Year’s resolution (a little late due to some scheduling problems) of detoxifying and losing weight. None of us have used a steam room before so we have a few questions. What should you wear in the Steam Room, Sauna and Jacuzzi? How long should you stay in a steam room and do you shower before or after a sauna? (read on)