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Power Nap

Yelo, NY (Midtown Manhattan): A sanctuary spa-like facility dedicated solely to napping and reflexology, promising brief but "cocooning" naps. Sleeping "pods" feature special lighting, sounds and bedding to promote 20- or 40-minute power naps. Pre-nap reflexology treatments are also available. The company describes itself as a corporate wellness center to help stressed workers power-nap in a busy day.

The YeloNap is their version of the “Power Nap”.  According to them, naps of this duration have been medically proven to increase alertness and productivity as well as information retention.

Yelo is about time-efficient, results-oriented relaxation. It is not a spa. Yelo provides the deeper experience of giving you back your time and space when you need it most. It’s about you. It’s about time.



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