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Spa Induced Sleep

Sleep Spa refers to a non-clinical situation, where people who have problems sleeping can learn more about their sleep challenges and how to correct them.  These individuals do not have a critical sleep problem as to qualify them for a sleep study program.  They go to a sleep spa to learn about sleep, to learn relaxation strategies, and to take these ideas home with them after a night of real rest. These destination spas offer Sleep Well Programs:


Rancho La Puerta, Mexico:  Sleep Well Program is a two-day program (two 45-minute sessions) that invites guests to evaluate their sleep patterns and suggests strategies and lifestyle changes. The goal is to return to a natural and deep night’s sleep -- one that is undisturbed and restful -- and wake up bright and energetic every morning, feeling refreshed and rested.

Sleep Spa

Mayflower Inn & Spa, Connecticut:  Sleep Better, Sleep Well program teaches healthy sleeping habits through self-induced hypnotherapy, dream analysis, "sweet surrender" massage, and asanas (yoga positions) that release tension. An MP3 player programmed with soothing songs is left on your bed at turndown.    The Mayflower Inn & Spa provides tools and strategies to quiet the mind and focus attention using specific tools.  One example is the Sleep Journal:  Day Time Activities and Pre -Sleep Ritual, which guests are asked to complete prior to coming into the program.

Miraval Life in Balance®, Arizona:  resident sleep expert Dr. Rubin Naiman conducts an informal "dream circle" to help you interpret unconscious musings.

Healing Sleep & Dreams is a discussion that considers sleep in terms of both its scientific and spiritual roots and offers practical guidance to achieving more restful nights.

Many people have a hard time sleeping when they are away from home.  Sometimes, by the time they get back home, they actually feel like they need another vacation to recover.  A survey from the Gallup Organization says the majority of Americans return from vacation more tired than before they left. Poor planning, later bedtimes and unfamiliar accommodations were cited as impediments to a good night's sleep.  Many resorts address these issues by improving the bedding in the rooms.  The Westin has the Heavenly Bed.  The Wellness Spa at The Benjamin in New York has a “Sleep Concierge” who will make sure that guests get everything they need to sleep peacefully. They offer their guests a selection of 11 different types of pillows from which to choose: down, upper body, buckwheat, satin, hypo-allergenic, water-filled, Swedish memory, magnetic therapy, a jelly neck roll, a five-foot body cushion, and a special anti-snore pillow.  In addition to the pillows, the hotel features The Benjamin Bed: a Serta™ mattress created exclusively for The Benjamin, with specially engineered convoluted foam cushioning and layers of fibers quilted to the mattress for a luxurious surface feel. The custom-designed Benjamin Bed is covered with Frette sheets and a down-filled duvet. Lavender-scented bathroom amenities help guests relax and prepare for bed. In addition to the luxurious sleep amenities, The Benjamin's windows are double-glazed with argon gas between the panes to help keep rooms quiet and restful.

Many resort Spas, are now offering Sleep Health massage and body treatments in their spas. Qua Baths & Spa, Las Vegas offers “Sleep Health” a 110 minute treatment which combines an aromatherapy massage followed by a certified hypnotist.  The Four Seasons Chicago, Offers “Sweet Dreams” a massage designed to help you sleep better, this massage works gently but deeply into the muscles using flowing strokes and a blend of orange blossom and chamomile scents.

The Ritz-Carlton Naples, features “Drift To Sleep” a specialized journey that is designed to help you let go and take you through a ritual that will promote sleep at a deep state of sub-consciousness. This ultimate relaxation therapy is designed for an over active mind or sleep-deprived individual that has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Begin your ritual with an aromatherapy milk bath; submerge your body into a cloud-like sensation of soothing bubbles, while your body is cleansed and warmed. Sip aromatic herbal tea, infused with specialized essential oils like lavender and St. John’s Wort to assist in slowing the body’s internal rhythms. Experience a peaceful body massage, including warm aromatherapy oils, Reiki, Cranial Sacral holds, lymphatic drainage and other polarity techniques specialized to transition you into the alpha state of sleep.

Your sleep therapists will then allow a 30 minute power nap on a warmed, down duvet and oversized massage table. Awaken refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the remainder of the day. Receive a guide to better sleep and health to help you re-create a restful experience at home.

Even Day Spas, are offering alternative sleep therapy.  Suddenly Slimmer, Arizona, offers Acupuncture and Chinese herbs to improve the quality of sleep. Suddenly Slimmer's licensed acupuncturist practitioner can determine which disharmony is present that is causing a poor quality of sleep and treat accordingly. In addition, they offer nutritional supplements, Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies that also address underlying causes of sleep disturbance.



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