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Tip Top Lash Conditioning?

Great looking lashes begin with lashes that are in good condition.  The newest advancement in eye lash conditioning includes three conditioners that all claim to help you achieve the beautiful look of longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes.  The three products all costing over $100 are:

 RevitaLash is a unique eyelash conditioner that will help you achieve the beautiful look of Longer, Thicker, and Fuller eyelashes.

Like liquid eyeliner, RevitaLash is simply applied once a day. Within three to ten weeks, your own natural eyelashes will look Longer, Thicker, Fuller, and BEAUTIFUL!

No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eye lashes are, RevitaLash can help you achieve long, beautiful, healthy looking eyelashes.

Beautiful Eyelashes  

Jan Marini Age Intervention® Eyelash Conditioner

A Stunning Technology Gives You the Lashes of Your Dreams!  Jan Marini claims, in addition, Your Lashes Will Appear Fuller, Thicker and More Lustrous!

Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner can produce dramatic improvement in the appearance of volume, texture and density. By using breakthrough technology that features reconstructive components, Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner prevents new virgin hair from being adversely affected by cosmetic and environmental factors.

Plus, by increasing flexibility and preventing breakage, eyelash hair can reach its full potential. Users will quickly perceive that their lashes appear far fuller and more lustrous.

RevitaLash and Jan Marini eyelash conditioners both have the disclaimer that reads: the product is not intended to stop, prevent, cure, relieve, reverse or reduce eyelash loss or to promote the growth of eyelashes.  So if you are hoping for longer or thicker lashes these may not be the answer for you and at a cost of over $100 do you want to try it?  There are other  options for conditioning your lashes that cost far less.

The MD Lash Factor™:  According to their press release, The MD Lash Factor™ does more than make lashes appear longer. It actually lengthens, strengthens and improves lash health.

They claim that, people with thinning lashes have a product to turn to for help. MD Lash Factor™ endured a clinical double-blind study. The results of the study showed an immediate increase in lash length. Throughout the initial 4 week study, participants received a 53% increase in length.

Some participants in the study had Alopecia and were undergoing chemotherapy. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease in which the body mistakenly treats its hair follicles as foreign and causes a reduction in hair growth and increase in hair loss. Although it’s often neglected, eye lashes are also hair.

This surprising finding shows the type of results users of the MD Lash Factor™ can expect. With the breakthrough of MD Lash Factor™, the entire industry is excited about the next step in treating such issues as eyelash loss secondary to Alopecia or chemotherapy.

MD Lash Factor™ now allows skin care professionals to offer a beauty product that helps. Although it is only for eyelashes, individuals with Alopecia and those participating in chemotherapy treatments can gain a fantastic morale boost with better growth of eyelashes.

While MD Lash Factor™ is the only of the three to not have a disclaimer which reads that the product  is not intended to stop, prevent, cure, relieve, reverse or reduce eyelash loss or to promote the growth of eyelashes, as of the publication of this newsletter they have not provided samples so their product could be tested.  If I receive the sample test product, I will keep you posted on the results.  In the meantime you may want to just use an eyelash oil available at your local store to condition the lashes or try the home recipe on the last page.

MD Lash Factor

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