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The Power of Nine … Life Changing ideas


There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.  Sometimes we have moments where we know our life is going to change based on the decision we make at a particular moment. Sometimes our life changes because of a decision we make without us realizing the true impact of that decision.  Sometimes our life changes because of a decision we don't make. 

Each of these nine ideas has the power to initiate change in your life.

1. Choose the life you want to live:

One of the most powerful realizations is that through your choices, you determine the direction of your life. Nature how you were born and nurture how the environment impacted you will have a very powerful influence, but they do not determine your destiny. Your destiny is self-determined through your choices.  You can choose to have a life filled with happiness or joy.

2. Believe in yourself:

As Tony Robbins says, Conceive it Believe it Achieve it.  There is no more powerful directing force in your life than your beliefs. You have the ability to succeed.

Rather than being limited by your beliefs, you should be empowered by them. What sets the people apart who get to world class is that they have conceived a dream and they believe in themselves and then they achieve it. They may not have achieved their desired outcome yet, but they can already envision themselves there.

Recognize that self-confidence, like self-esteem, is not a steady state; it comes and goes depending on the situation you find yourself in. You can summon it to center stage whenever you need it by mentally recalling the many small successes that you have experienced.

3. Have a mind of your own:

Use your own brain, reason and thought process to determine whether or not something is true or right for you.  Stay positive, sometimes when you change, others who do not vibrate on this new positive energy will drop out of your life.

4. Live in the moment:

Many people have dreams and desires that they put off until some unspecified future date. Remember that life is short, so why not live your best life today.  Be present, live in the moment.  Whatever you are doing experience it fully.  Do you drive absent mindedly?  Do you find yourself thinking about something or somewhere other than where you are at?  If you do it is time to be present. It's not about the car you drive, the size of your house, how much you earn or your status in society. Life is about people and places, knowledge and experiences. It is up to you to decide how to use them.  Forgive yourself and others for events in the past. 

5. Define your Dreams:

Know what you want to achieve.  Maintain a focus on your goals, while being open to the infinite possibilities.  Have a plan to keep from falling back into old habits. This plan should include a positive affirmation written out.  Read this affirmation every morning and each time you feel you are losing your focus.   A great time to reprogram your mind is at the end of the day when your brain is too tired to argue the point.  Repeat your affirmation 27 times each night before you go to sleep.

6. Be your Personal Best:

To do your best and achieve your best you must be your best.  Take care of yourself with all of the basics.  Eat right, exercise regularly get enough sleep, meditate, and make sure you are meeting your spiritual as well as physical needs.

7. Have an attitude of gratitude:

The one Universal Law that has had the most profound effect in my life is, Like Attracts Like. When we are truly grateful for the blessings in our lives, and we take time to reflect on them, we automatically begin to draw more blessings to ourselves. Why? Because we create what we focus on.  It's a mindset of thankfulness and joy for the wonderful blessings in our lives. Our hearts and minds are lifted in joy when we reflect on the beauty and love surrounding us. It's a heartfelt acknowledgement that our lives would not be as happy as they are now if we didn't have those blessings.

Gratitude is not just about the good things, we also need to be grateful for events in our life that we may consider to be negative at the time.  One of the most critical things I learned at the Chopra center is to be free of judgments.  Events are neither positive nor negative.  What appears to be negative today may be the best thing that happens to you tomorrow. 

8. Maintain balance in your life and yourself:

Be thankful that you recognize the tell-tale signs of imbalance - lack of energy, irritability, over or under-eating to name a few.  You have to schedule quiet time for yourself to evaluate your situation and implemented the things that will get things back together.  Use your health and body ailments to tell you when something is off.  I love Louise Hays book You Can Heal Your Life to help you look at these issues objectively.

9.  Listen to God:

I was once told, that prayer is you talking to God and meditation is you listening for the answer.  It may be hard for you to quite your mind, eliminate the noise and listen.  However, there are many techniques that you may use, including vigorous activity before you attempt meditation, the use of aroma therapy like frankincense and the use of a mantra.  A little prayer and a lot of listening can go a long way to healing your life and changing your life situation. 


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