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Chocolate, Wine and Roses All Wrapped Up in One Place…The Spa


If long-stem roses are in short supply and chocolate hearts are abundant, it can only mean one thing -- love is in the air. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, men and woman are now wondering about what to get those people they love in their life. From candy and cards to dinner and diamonds, consumers will be opening their wallets to shower their sweeties with special gifts this February 14.

According to the National Retail Federation, total consumer spending for Valentine's Day in 2007 was expected to crack $16.9 billion, with the average overall purchase around $120.00. According to the survey, of that estimated $17 billion that was spent in 2007 by consumers celebrating Valentine's Day. The average male spent $156 and the average Female spent $85. So what were the top ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2007?


Top Ways Money Spent in 2007 Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day what do men and woman want?

Chocolate … Nothing Tastes as Good as Love Feels

How to Select Guilt Free Healthful Chocolate

Valentine's Day at the spa indulge in Chocolate

Valentine’s Day at the Spa Say it with Champagne & Roses

Spavelously Single and Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Spa Love



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