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How to Select Guilt Free Healthful Chocolate


If you're interested in starting a dark chocolate regimen, here are a few tips to get you going and keep you on the right path.  Remember that if you are not use to the taste of the beneficial dark chocolate it may take a while to get use to it.  

  • If you don’t like dark chocolate, start with a high-grade milk chocolate and slowly upgrade your taste buds to appreciating the taste of fine chocolate with 70 percent cacao content.
  • Read the labels and make sure the word milk does not appear anywhere because dark chocolate does not have milk or milk fat. Once milk is added the bar becomes milk chocolate.
  • Five ingredients that make up a good grade dark chocolate are cocoa butter, cocoa, sugar, vanilla and soy lecithin.
  • Sugar should never appear as one of the first ingredients on a bar of chocolate with 70 percent cacao content. Mathematically, it's impossible for sugar to appear first and the bar to have that high of a cocoa content.
  • Dark chocolate begins with 55 percent cacao content and can go up to 100 percent, the higher the percent of cacao, the bitterer the taste will be. If you are seeking health benefits stick to chocolate with a cacao content of at least 70 percent. Studies recommend a 1-ounce dose of 70 percent dark chocolate each day.
  • Your chocolate should contain both cocoa and cocoa butter and they should appear among the list of ingredients. If only cocoa, which can also appear as cocoa powder, is listed, the bar is missing half of what makes up the cacao content. If cocoa mass, cocoa solid or cocoa liqueur appears, the piece has both cocoa and cocoa butter. 
  • Avoid bars that list hydrogenated oil or palm kernel oil. Cocoa butter is what you really want.
  • Chocolate contains essential nutrients including iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.
  • Chocolate contains Vitamins A, B1, C, D & E. 
  • Dark chocolate is effective in the treatment of mild hypertension

Remember, when it comes to chocolate if a little is good, a lot is better does not hold.  A little chocolate goes a long way.  Until scientists figure out a specific serving size of chocolate, you probably want to go easy on the calorie-rich treats.

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