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Valentine’s Day at the Spa indulge in Chocolate


Fancy smothering yourself or your loved one in chocolate?  What about the luxury of a Champagne Spritzer for your face and body?  Or how about a rose petal pedicure or the gentle mist of a rose spray.  Yes, all of these say I love you in a very fun spa-full way.

 So what services can you expect to find at the spa?

Say it with Chocolate

Spa Xanadu

Spa Xanadu in Arcadia, CA treat you and your Valentine to the Chocolate Indulgence

This tranquilizing experience begins with a full body Chocolate scrub exfoliation, leaving your skin smooth and silky. Followed by, a warm Cocoa hydrotherapy bath to increase circulation. Ending with a full body, chocolate scented hot oil massage. If you prefer a full Face and Body treatment, then enjoy the Chocolate Oasis

Exfoliate your whole body with a chocolate scrub for smooth and silky skin. Followed by a lush full body self heating chocolate mousse mask to detoxify and replenish your body. Continuing with a hydrating facial and scalp massage to maximize relaxation. We then rinse with a Vichy shower and complete this amazing renewing treatment with a body butter and face moisturizer to nourish the skin.

Spa Xanadu Valentine’s Package and Pricing


AquaMedica, Long Branch, NJ

Enjoy AquaMedica’s romantic location, complete with the sound of the ocean, and the packages that say you are My Valentine today, tomorrow and always. 

My Valentine package will cover you with chocolate from the tip of your toe with the Chocolate Pedicure, to the tip of your fingers with the Chocolate Manicure. Then, let the Chocolate Fondue embrace you as you are massaged into complete relaxation.

AquaMedica’s Valentine’s Specials and Pricing




Now while most spa chocolate treatments do use real chocolate, more and more are integrating chocolate essential oils or contain chocolate combined with other ingredients, so please refrain from the compulsion to lick the product.


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