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Spa Facial 101 … the steps to a better complexion


No matter how well you take care of your skin at home, there's always a benefit to receiving a facial treatment by a professional at a spa. Whether you desire a beautiful post-facial radiant skin glow, a relaxing massage of the face, scalp, and neck, or just some time being pampered, for an hour or a day, a qualified spa esthetician can do a world of wonder for both your inner spirit and outer self.

What are the steps for a spa facial?

Pre Facial:  Start with a consultation. The first step in a spa facial treatment is a consultation and connection. In your consultation, a spa employee will ask you about your diet, exercise regimen, allergies, health, any medication you might be on and questions about your skin.  You'll also be asked what you you would like to change about your skin, what products you're currently using, and what results you would like from the facial. Based on this information the esthetician will confirm that you have selected the right facial for you or if they are a better spa, they will customize the facial and the facial products applied for your needs.


Basic Facial Steps:

  • Cleanse: The esthetician will remove your makeup and cleanse your skin with an appropriate cleanser for your skin type. The cleansing is normally repeated twice to ensure it is thorough.

  • Next, an analysis of your skin. The esthetician places eye pads over your eyes and looks at your skin through a brightly lit magnifying lamp to identify any blocked pores and exactly what skin type you have. Then the spa technician will refine and exfoliate your skin to help remove any dead skin to make way for new, fresh skin cells to grow and this process also helps moisturize and hydrate. The exfoliation is achieved by massaging products over the skin of the face and neck which technically "scrub" the skin. Depending on the type of exfoliant, a stream of steam may be directed towards your face.

  • The following step may be a little uncomfortable, but it is my favorite, because it is not something you should do yourself. The extractions of black heads and white heads.

  • Depending on the facial you choose many different facial treatments steps may take place next including: application of a serum, face and neck massage and/or an electrical treatment which suits your skins needs. This will be explained to you. A mask is then applied to face and neck that is left for about 10 minutes to fully benefit the skin. These special facial masks could be clay- or mud-based for a deeper cleaning action, or be more of a soothing base for more sensitive skin types. Sometimes the masks used are setting masks, which mean they will be peeled or gently lifted off the skin when set. During this phase you will receive a relaxing shoulder, foot or hand massage.

    Some types of facial use machines as part of the treatment, and these are known as "electrotherapy facials". There are several different types, which are suited to different skin types. Some of the most popular variations of this type of facial are:

    Galvanic treatments, High frequency treatments and Microcurrent treatments. During most of the electrotherapy treatments you may experience a slight tingling effect on the skin, but this is quite normal.

    While most people will benefit from the restorative and relaxation effects of a facial treatment, there are some contraindications these will more likely apply to electrotherapy facials. You should therefore expect your therapist to go through a very thorough consultation before your first facial to find out what treatment best suits your needs and your skin type.
  • The mask is then removed using soothing hot towels and a conditioner will be applied along with a specific booster, eye cream and moisturizer. Once the facial is complete, the technician may also offer a sunscreen to protect your skin.

After the facial

Spa Facials  
A good facial will leave you glowing with a sense of how beautiful and renewed, rebalanced, restored and revitalized you are. You may not look any of those things. You may look a bit greasy, very under-made up, and a bit unkempt (for one thing, your hair  will be sticking up or flattened to your head from having been swept back during the treatment. Do check yourself in the mirror.  If the spa has a Salon, it is always nice to get a wash and style.  If not, be prepared with hairclips and styling tools.


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