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Spa Menus have too many choices … Which Facial is Right For Me?


The Best Spas will offer a customized facial; they will do an analysis of your skin type, speak to you about your concerns and design a facial specifically for you.  Other spas may not have all aesthetic rooms supplied with the equipment and products to allow for customization of a facial and therefore, they expect you to read the menu and decide which facial sounds good to you.  By deciding before you go the spa can have the supplies in the room for you based on what you preselected. 

So what are the different types of facials and how do you choose?

You should choose a facial based on three things: the brand of the products that will be used, the experience of the service provider and the outcome or improvement you want to see in your skin; what products do you want on your skin, how do you want them applied; and how do you want your skin to look afterwards?

The brand: some people find that a certain brand really suits them and will stick with those products, and the variety of different treatments offered with it.  If you haven’t had a facial before, ask which brand they will use and begin to educate yourself on the brand philosophy and ingredients.  If you have questions due to allergies or sensitive skin, ask to speak with the aesthetician who will be doing your facial to see if the products they use are right for you.

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The experience: some of us go for a facial because it's a lovely, relaxing and indulgent thing to do. Others go because they really want to enhance their skin tone, color, and address specific facial concerns.  Ask about the experience level of your esthetician. 

The outcome: you want your skin to be clean, clear, glowing, fresh and even, but what is your true motivation.  You may find what you want in one of these five statements:

  1. My skin has clogged pores and I want it well cleansed
  2. My skin is sore and sensitive, perhaps tired, sallow or blotchy, sometimes I have acne. I want to soothe and balance it for an even skin tone
  3. My skin is dry and you want to moisturize and hydrate it.
  4. My skin is getting wrinkles; I looked tired and feel old.   I want to fight the wrinkles, hold back the signs of age. I want to look younger, to firm, lift and plump my skin.
  5. Prevention, I want to prevent problems, get feedback on how well my home skincare regimen is working and better maintain my healthy, glowing skin. 

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