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Deciphering the Spa Facial Menu:


Keeping in mind what you want the outcome to be, you may find some key words on the flowery menus that will clue you in to which may be the right one for you.

Outcome Desired Keywords to look for on the Spa Menu of Facials Features of the facial may include
Cleanse Detox, refresh, revitalize, hydrogen, oxygen or ozone, enzyme peel Exfoliating, heat, cleanser, deep cleansing mask; Extractions blackhead, oxygen 
Soothe and balance skin tone Soothing, sensitive, brightening, relieving, revitalize, regenerative, enzyme peel, multi-vitamin  Exfoliation to even out skin tone; moisturizing mask
Moisturize Nourishing, hydrating, restoring, revitalize  Rich creams, moisturizing masks, serums
Look younger Anti-ageing, age-defying, anti-wrinkles, lifting, plumbing, rejuvenating, enzyme peel, electro-stimulation  Collagen-based products, pressure point massage, Cathiodermie (electric currents)
Maintain healthy skin Mini facial, express facial, prescription facial Any and all of the above, depending on your skin-type and needs

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