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Generic Names for Different Types of Facials -


While every spa has their own name for the different types of facials, Here are some of the most common types of facials you will find on a menu.

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Skin Care Terminology and Product ingredients
Pacific Sea Kelp (Macrocystis Pyrifera)  Habitat - Off The Coast Of California All The Way Down To South America And Hawaii. Grows Up From The Ocean Floor And At Depths Of More Than 100 Ft. Down. Appearance  A Sporophyte Plant. The Upper Part Exposed To Sunlight Near The Surface Is Light To Dark Green Due To Photosynthesis, While The Deeper Parts Are Almost Colorless. Odor - Basically Odorless Or Slightly Salty. Functional Benefits - Soothing, Healant, Odorless And Colorless, Which Is Of Great Advantage In Personal Care Products. Wide Uses In Anti-Cellulite Products For Added Firming.
Panthenol A deep penetrating moisturizer which absorbs into the skin and is converted into Pantothenic Acid, a B complex vitamin. 
Papain  A Digestive Enzyme, Collected From Papaya Fruit. Papain Hydrolyzes Proteins And Has A Proteolytic Capacity (Digests Proteins). Papain Has The Ability To Digest Dead Tissue Without Affecting The Surrounding Live Tissue, And Has Gained Itself The Reputation As A "Biological Scalpel." It Is Used In Digestive Aids And As The Active Ingredient In Enzyme Cleaners For Soft Contact Lenses. Papain Contains 212 Amino Acids And Is Also Rich In Malic Acid, An Alpha Hydroxy Acid.
Parafango Parafango, A Mixture Of Volcanic Ash (Fang) And Paraffin, Is Heated And Molded To Portions Of The Body That Are Sore, Tight, Or In Need Of Increased Circulation. Clients Are Then Wrapped In A Sheet And Blanket To Rest And Relax. Parafango Has The Ability To Retain Warmth For Approximately Twenty Minutes At A Consistent Temperature, Which Allows The Body To Experience Deep Heat And Relaxation. This Treatment May Be Followed By A Back And Shoulder Pressure Point Massage That Leaves The Body Totally At Ease.
Paraffin Warm Liquid Wax Used To Ease Pain And/Or Rehydrate The Skin. Often The Wax Is Infused With Substances Such As Aromatherapeutic Oils.
Passionflower (Passiffora Incarnata)  Habita - Native To Southeastern United States From Florida To Texas. Appearance - Exotic Climbing Vine With Large, Pale Lavender Colored Flowers. Spanish Explorers Were Said To Have Been Startled By The Beauty Of The Passionflower. A Perennial, Woody Plant. Odor - A Slight Hint Of Floral.Functional Benefits - Used Primarily For Its Soothing And Sedating Effect In Cosmetic Preparations. Compatible With Aroma Therapy Or Other Therapeutic Products.
Passionflower (Passiflora Incarnata) Extract  Passionflower Extract Has Been Reported To Be An Effective Treatment For Stress And Nervousness.
Patchouli Oil  Extracted From The Plant, Pogostemon Patchouli. Used For Its Antiseptic Properties.
Peat Partially Carbonized Organic Tissue Formed By Decomposition In Water Of Various Plants But Mainly Mosses From The Genus Sphagnum.
Peloidtherapy The Therapeutic Use And Application Of Muds.
Peppermint Leaf Extract (Mentha Piperata)  The Common Peppermint Extract Is Included In The Formula To Address Gastrointestinal Symptoms Often Associated With Stress.
Perfume   A frangrance in liquid form applied to clothes and skin to make a person smell nicer. 
Perioral Lines  The fine lines which form on the upper lip. Also known as smoker's lines or vertical lip lines.
Periorbital Lines  Lines which radiate outward from the corners of the eyes. Also known as crow's feet.
Permanent Cosmetics The Technique Of Tattooing Cosmetics, Including Eyeliner, Lip Line, Eyebrows, Eye Shadow, Etc., Permanently On The Face Permanently. This Technique Is Also Used In Restorative Applications And/Or To Help Correct Flaws And Scars On The Face And Body.
Petitgrain Oil  Extracted From The Bitter Orange Plant. Used For Its Skin Soothing And Calming Properties.
Petrolatum Also known as vaseline, topical application helps the skin's outer layer recover from damage, reduces inflammation and heals dry skin.
ph Measures The Acidity Of A Substance. Neutral Ph Is Considered To Be 7.0 (The Ph Of Pure Water). Substances With A Ph Of Less Than 7.0 Are Acids; Phs Higher Than 7.0 Are Bases. The Lower The Ph The Stronger The Acid. The Higher The Ph, The Stronger The Base. Very High Phs Or Low Phs Are Irritating To The Skin And May Cause Acid Or Chemical Burns.
Philtrum Ridges  The lines which run from the center of the upper lip towards the nose.
Pine Needle  Extracted From The Plant, Pinus Sylvestris. Used For Its Antiseptic Properties.
Pinecone Extract  Extracted From The Cones Of Pine Trees. Helps To Alleviate Pain And Discomfort And Overcomes Fatigue. Considered To Be Stimulating To The Skin, By Increasing Blood Flow And Oxygenation.
Pitta An Ayurvedic Dosha That Is A Combination Of The Elements Of Fire And Water.
Plumping lipstick   Some people have thin lips. Plumping lipstick is used to make the lips look fuller. 
Poultice Usually A Cloth Filled With Heated Herbs, Clay, Or A Medicated Product Spread On A Cloth And Applied To Wounds Or An Injury.
Prakriti In Ayurvedic Medicine, A Reference To The Constitution Or Inherent Characteristics Of A Person, Including His Or Her Physical Type, Mental Type, And Emotional Type.
Price Point The Price The Public Will Pay For A Retail Item. The Business Must Choose How Much Of A Markup They Will Add To Retail Items. This Marked Up Price Becomes The Price Point.
Prickly Ash Bark (Xanthoxylum Clava Herculis)  A Circulatory Stimulant, Prickly Ash Helps Drive Other Botanicals To Their Targets. It Is Used To Stimulate The Nerve Centers And Functional Activity Of The Body'S Organs.
Proline  An Amino Acid That When Combined With Sodium Pca, A Natural Component Of The Nmf (Natural Moisturizing Factor), Has Been Demonstrated To Provide Excellent Moisture Absorption And Retention Properties To The Skin.
Proprioception The Kinesthetic Sense In Which Sensory Receptors Receive Information About Rate Of Movement, Contraction, Tension, Position, And Stretch Of Tissue. This Information Is Processed In The Central Nervous System, Which Sends Motor Impulses Back To Muscle, Causing It To Contract, Relax, Restore, Or Change Position.
Propylene Glycol A moisture carrying ingredient that works by absorbing water from the air. It penetrates the upper layers of the skin well and leaves skin feeling silky and soft.
Propylene/Butylene Glycol  Clear, Colourless Liquids Which Are Among The Most Common Moisture-Carrying Vehicles In Skin Care. Superb Permeation Through The Skin And Excellent Humectant Properties. Softens And Moisturizes The Skin.
Pro-Vitamin A Also known as Retinyl Palmitate, this antioxidant is known for its anti
Pro-Vitamin A4
A good antioxidant that helps to fight the signs of aging. 
Pro-Vitamin B5 Also called vitamin B5, it is helpful in the treatment of acne as well as an effective moisturizer. 
Pro-Vitamin B53 Vitamin that helps to protect the skin against moisture loss. 
Quenching A Process That Occurs When The Action Of One Compound In An Essential Oil Is Suppressed By Another Compound, Thereby Making The Oil Safer For Use.
Radon Therapy A Naturally Occurring Atmospheric Gas That Is Radioactive And Is Released As Uranium As Rock And Soil Break Down. It Is Used In Trace Amounts In Europe For The Treatment Of Arthritis And Asthma.
Red Raspberry Extract  A Soothing And Non-Stimulating Extract. Noted To Be A Natural Antibiotic, Red Raspberry Extract Is Also Very Soothing And Relaxing To An Inflamed Skin. Excellent For A Sensitive Skin And Any Irritation From Acne, Shaving Or Windburn.
Retinol This is a derivative of vitamin A, and you will see that a lot of skin care products contain retinol. Retinol's stronger counterpart is tretinoin, which is the active ingredient in Retin-A and Renova. If your skin is too sensitive to use Retin-A, retinol is an excellent alternative. Here's why skin responds to skin care products with retinol: vitamin A has a molecular structure that's tiny enough to get into the lower layers of skin, where it finds collagen and elastin. Retinol is proven to improve mottled pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, skin tone and color, and your skin's hydration levels.You may also hear about retinyl palmitate. This falls into the same family as retinol, but if the skin care product you choose contains retinyl palmitate, you will need to use more of this product than one that contains retinol to get the same effect.
Retinol See Vitamin A
Retinyl Palmitate Also known as Vitamin A, this antioxidant is known for its anti
Rose Hip Extract  Very Rich In Natural Vitamin C. Moisturizing And Hydrating To The Skin. Helps Protect The Skin From Capillary Damage And Firms And Tones The Tissues. Helps Moisture Bind In The Connective Tissue Proteins Of The Skin.
Rosemary Extract An antioxidant that benefits the skin. Skin Strengthening Complex it helps restore the skin and protect it from damage. 
Rosemary Extract  An Extract Obtained From The Fresh, Flowering Tops Of The Plant. Used For Its Tonic Properties And As A Stimulant To The Tissues. A Natural Diuretic, Rosemary Extract Helps To Release Fluids From The Tissues And Gives A Firming And Decongestant Action.
Rosemary Leaves (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Habitat - In Most Gardens In All Regions Of Europe, The United States And Asia. Prefers Locations Near Seas Or Oceans. Appearance - A Shrubby Herb With Evergreen Leaves Of Dark Green Color. Flowers Are Small And Pale Blue. Odor - Pungently Aromatic, Somewhat Camphorous. Functional Benefits Tonic, Astringent, Stimulant, Cleansing, Soothing, Fragrance Component. A Widely Used Botanical In All Types Of Personal Care Products.
Rosemary Oil Extracted From The Plant, Rosmarinus Officinalis. Used For Its Purifying, Cleansing And Antiseptic Properties.
Rouge  Red Powder applied to the blush Cheeks to make one look healthier. 
Russian Bath Steam Bath To Flush Toxins From The Body.
Safflower Oil  One Of The Most Useful Oils In Cosmetics. The Flowers Are Used In Decoctions For Skin Eruptions, Acne And Skin Blemishes.
Sage Extract Obtained By Extraction From The Flowering Tops Of The Plants. Smells And Tastes Rather Like Camphor. Has Strong Astringent And Healing Properties. A Tonic And Curative Herb.  A potent antioxidant and anti-irritant. Since it helps to calm and soothe the skin, it is one of the ingredients found in the NIA 24™ Physical Cleansing Scrub. 
Sage Leaves (Salvias Officinalis)  Habitat - Natural Habitat Is The Shores Of The Mediterranean, Although Cultivated In Great Britain, France And Germany. Commercially Cultivated In The United States. Appearance - An Evergreen Undershrub. Odor - All Parts Of The Plant Have A Strong, Almost Pungent, Distinctive Odor; And A Warm, Bitter, Astringent Taste. Functional Benefits - Calmative, Cleanser, Moisturizer, Skin Purifier, Fragrant, Antimicrobial, Non-Sensitizing, Non-Irritant.
Sage Oil  Extracted from the plant, Salvia officinalis. An astringent, antiseptic oil used for its sedating and calming effects on the skin.
Salicylic Acid Occurs naturally in wintergreen leaves, sweet birch and selected plants. This Beta Hydroxy Acid improves the appearance and condition of the skin. Its micro-exfoliating action causes a slow movement of the superficial cells that are already old, forcing the deep layers to replace them with younger cells. In addition to its exfoliating action, salicylic acid is also used an anti-microbial in medicine.  By encouraging the exfoliation of dead skin, Salicylic Acid renews the outter layer of skin and opens blocked hair follicles. It is also an effective treatment for acne.
Salt Glow/Salt Scrub In A Salt Scrub, A Paste Made From Sea Salt And Essential Oils Or Water Is Vigorously Massaged All Over The Body To Remove The Outer Layer Of Dead Skin And Clean Pores. A Fresh Rinse And Body Moisturizing Follows.
Sambucus (Elder Flowers)  Extracted from the honey-scented flowers of the elder tree. Used for its mildly tonic properties and its naturally diuretic qualities.
Sandalwood Oil  A powerful antibiotic and antiseptic. Used to treat infections and reduce puffiness. Soothing and healing.
Saponaria Extract  Also known as Soapwort and Fullers Herb. This extract is obtained from the European and Middle Eastern variety that has a coarse pink flower and foams like a lather. It is used as a foaming, natural cleanser for the skin.
Scotch Hose The Scotch Hose Is The Alternating Use Of Hot And Cold Water Sprays To Massage A Standing Client. It Is A Relatively High-Pressured Hose, Used At A Certain Distance, Providing A Very Specific Hydromassage Of The Body.
Seaweed Multicellular Marine-Based Algae That Fall Into One Of Three Main Groups: Green Algae (Chlorophycota Spp.), Brown Algae (Phaeophycota Spp.), And Red Algae (Rhodophyta Spp.).
Seaweed Body Wrap After A Light Massage With An Essential Oil, The Body Is Painted With A Seaweed Mixture And Then May Or May Not Be Wrapped In A Plastic Sheet. Usually No Heat Is Applied, But Of A Specialized Electric Blanket That Is Programmed For Targeted Zones Of The Body May Be Used. The Wrap Is Maintained For Twenty Minutes To Enhance Perspiration And Detoxification. The Client Is Then Given A Shower Treatment And An Application Of Marine Lotion For Maximum Skin-Tissue Remineralization.
Sebaceous Glands Glands in the skin that secrete an oily substance called sebum. 
Siberian Gingseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosis)  The use of Siberian Ginseng by Chinese herbalists dates back to 2000BC. In modern times, Ginseng has been designated as an "adaptogen," or herb that has a non-specific activity yet promotes an overall improvement in one's health.
Silica Microbeads  Fine, silica microbeads have a true sphere shape with a hollow centre, providing unique carrying abilities. Since the beads can hold and absorb materials, they are used to protect delicate plant extracts in a tightly-compacted and heat resistant carrier molecule. In addition to their function as a delivery system, Silica Microbeads also impart a smoothness and resilient texture to the skin, as they possess a "ball-bearing," silky emolliency. Combined with three other silicone bases in the formula (cyclomethicone, magnesium aluminum silicate and C 12-15 alkyl octanoate), they leave an improved feel to the skin, with less oiliness and no sticky residue.
Silicone A substance derived from silica. Silicones serve a variety of functions including acting as mollients, water barriers and emulsifiers. Used in skin care products, they are widely known for their smooth, silky, non greasy properties that create a feel highly desired by consumers.  An Ingredient Added To Some Skin Care Products, And Found Naturally In Seaweed, That Binds Water To Skin And Gives The Product A Silky Feel
Silk Amino Acids  Amino acids are the body's building blocks from which proteins are constructed. Of the 22 known amino acids, eight cannot be manufactured in the body in sufficient quantities to sustain growth and health. These eight are called "essential," because they are necessary to maintain good health. Silk amino acids are the result of amino mixtures from liquid silk, a natural non-animal source of these acids. Silk amino acids help moisture penetrate the skin surface and are extremely healing to the skin.
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil This natural oil is extracted from the desert shrub Simondsia Chinensis. 
Sitz Bath A Bath Of Extremes, In Which Water (Either As Low As 46ºf Or As High As 104ºf) Will Be Briefly Applied To The Mid-Portion Of A Client. Taken In The Sitting Position That Covers Only The Hips And Buttocks, This Bath May Be Used For Either Healing Or Hygiene Purposes, And The Water May Contain Medication. Sitz Baths Are Often Used To Relieve Pain, Itching, Or Muscle Spasms. For Example, The Baths Are Often Recommended To Soothe Pain And Promote Healing After Hemorrhoid Surgery Or An Episiotomy. 
Skin Care Treatment   Any treatments that involve the skin. 
Smile Lines The lines which run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Also known as nasolabial folds.
Smoker's Lines  Fine lines which form on the upper lip. Also known as perioral lines or vertical lip lines.
Sodium PCA  Occurs naturally in human skin and is responsible for binding moisture to the cells. Highly water-absorbing and used as an excellent humectant. A component of the NMF (natural moisturizing factor).
Sorbitol Found in ripe berries, seaweed and algae. A humectant which gives a velvety feel to the skin. Attracts water to itself and helps bind moisture to the skin surface.
Sphagnum A Genus Of Mosses That Grows Only In Wet Acid Areas Where Their Remains Are Compacted Over Time (Sometimes With Other Plants) To Form Peat. Peat Is Therapeutically Useful For Skin And Musculoskeletal Conditions.
Spiraea Extract Spiraea Ulmaria extract (meadowsweet)  Is commonly found in France, Western ace and North America. The flowering tops contain 2% essential oils and salicylate derivatives, one of which is salicylic acid. In homeopathic medicine, spiraea extract is used to help combat inflamed joints and to have a diuretic effect on the tissues. The leaves of the plant, fresh or dried, are used in the treatment of rheumatism and cellulitis. When used directly on the skin, spiraea extract is prized for its anti-inflammatory abilities to reduce puffiness and fluid retention.
Squalane  A natural component of human sebum at around 25%. Obtained from olive oil, used for its rich and emollient skin moisturizing properties.
Steam And Sauna These Are Highly Therapeutic Heated Rooms (Moist And Dry, Respectively) And Are Often Utilized Prior To A Scrub, Wrap, Massage, Or Hydrotherapy Treatment. Temperature In A Sauna Should Not Exceed 180ºf–190ºf And Steam Should Not Exceed 120ºf. Exposure Should Be Limited And Monitored.
Stratum Corneum The Outermost Layer Of The Epidermis Of The Skin That Provides The Skin With Its Barrier Function.
Subcutis The inner layer of the skin, also called subcutaneous tissue, consisting mostly of fat which insulates, stores energy and protects inner organs.
Sugar cane, citrus fruits, apple fruit, and green tea extract Obtained from sugar cane, citrus fruits, apple fruit and green tea. A specialized extraction process is utilized to concentrate this mixed fruit acid complex which has been clinically proven to be an effective exfoliant mixture that is less irritating than comparable fruit acid blends. The anti-irritancy action is attributed to the green tea extract that allows one to formulate with higher, more aggressive concentrations of alpha hydroxy acids without the usual irritation associated with higher concentrations. The use of this blend of fruit acids has been demonstrated to stimulate cell renewal in tissue at a higher rate than glycolic acid and with less irritation. The resulting tissue showed improved texture accompanied by a reduction in dryness and fine lines/wrinkles.
Sulfur  A pharmaceutical grade sulfur of a 99.5% purity. Sulfur accelerates peeling of the skin and has a topically antiseptic action on the skin surface. Traditionally used for problem skins, sulfur works synergistically with other micro-exfoliant ingredients and is particularly suitable for skins prone to breakout and congestion.  A Chemical Element That Is An Important Constituent Of Many Proteins And Is Often Found In Thermal Pools And In Some Therapeutic Muds. Sulfur Is Believed To Reduce Oxidative Stress On The Body And Is Used To Treat Arthritis, Sore Muscles, Skin Diseases, And Other Conditions.
Sun block   A lotion that is used to protect the skin from harmful ultra violet radiation. 
Sun Protection Factor [SPF] Most commonly referred to as SPF, it is a number assigned to a product that identifies its ability to protect the skin from sunburn. SPF numbering is regulated by the FDA and is a measure of the amount of time a person can stay in the sun without getting burned if a sunscreen is applied. The SPF number on sunscreens relates only to the product's efficacy against UVB exposure. There is no rating system for UVA protection.  
Sunflower Oil A non-volatile plant oil used as a natural moisturizing factor. 
Swiss Shower A Swiss Shower Is One In Which Fresh Water Is Sprayed Over The Standing Body From Both Overhead And Side-Positioned, Needle-Like Jet Valves At Varying Heights. A Massaging And Invigorating Effect Is Created By Varying The Spray Velocity And Temperature, Thus Increasing Circulation.
Synergy When The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts And Those Parts Are Mutually Enhancing.
Taila Medicated Massage Oils That Are Made By Cooking Herbs Into A Fatty Base Such As Sesame Or Coconut Oil. These Medicated Oils Are Used In Ayurvedic Medicine And For External Treatments Like Massage.
Tea Tree Oil  Extracted from the plant, Melaleuca Alternifolia. Used for its antiseptic, analgesic and anti-bacterial properties; also aids in healing and soothing skin. 
Terme Thermal Bath. From The Greek Therme Meaning Heat, And Thermai Meaning Of Or Related To Hot Springs.
Thalassotherapy Derived From The Greek Word Thalassa Or “Sea,” This Is A Hydrotherapy Treatment Incorporating Nutrient-Rich Seawater And Marine By-Products With Restorative Properties.
Thermal Mud Mud That Comes From An Area Around Hot Springs. It Can Be Applied At The Site While Still Hot From The Spring Water, Or It Can Be Extracted And Heated For Later Application Elsewhere.
Thermotherapy The Therapeutic Application Of Heat.
Thyme Leaves   Habitat Native to Southern Europe, widely cultivated in North America. Appearance - Perennial herb with woody stems and twigs that are velvety white. Flowers are lavender to white-pink in color. Odor - The variety of volatile oils (cymemes, terpenes, and terpineols among others) give it a characteristic pungent odor when broken or crushed. Functional Benefits - Thyme is an antiseptic rich in thymol. Besides extensive use as a kitchen herb and fragrance component, thyme is used in ointments and other OTCs to treat infections. It refreshes the skin and has excellent use in toners. It is also included in the formulations of toothpastes, soaps, creams and lotions.
Thyme Oil  Extracted from the plant, Thymus vulgaris. Used for its antiseptic properties.
Titanium Dioxide An inert earth mineral that acts as a sunscreen and protects the skin from UVA and UVB radiation. It is well tolerated by people of different skin types and is not known to cause skin irritation. 
Titanium Dioxide Natural earth mineral that protects skin from both UVA and UVB radiation without irritating skin. 
Titanium Dioxide(Microcrystalline) Up until now, only sunscreens based on organic ultra-violet light absorbers were available. Although effective, these chemical compounds are unsuitable for around the eye area, due to their irritant-potential. Microcrystalline Titanium Dioxide is a new inorganic natural material, which functions as a sunblock to both UVA and UVB rays.
Tocopherol Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties. It is also thought to diminish the effects of environmental pollutants.
Tocopheryl Acetate Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties. It is also thought to diminish the effects of environmental pollutants.
Tretinoin A topical prescription medication that can improve cell production deep in the dermis. It is the active ingredient in Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, and Avita. 
Triclosan  An active broad spectrum antibacteriacidal agent that kills bacteria on the skin's surface. Shown to kill Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria associated with acne. Kills bacteria buy interfering with cell membrane function.
Ubtan An Herbal Paste Used In Ayurveda To Support Detoxification And Smoothe The Skin. It Is Applied Externally To The Body.
Ultraviolet A (Uva) Rays Sometimes Referred To As "Aging Rays," These Rays From The Sun Penetrate Deeper Into The Skin Than Ultraviolet B Rays And Cause Photosensitivity Reactions.
Ultraviolet B (Uvb) Rays Also Known As "Burning Rays," These Rays From The Sun Are The Primary Rays Associated With Skin Damage And Cancer From The Sun.
Underwater Massage Underwater Massage Is Performed In Specialized Tubs Filled With Warm Water. The Client First Relaxes By Floating On A Continuous Stream Of Air Bubbles Arising From The Bottom Of The Tub. There Are Underwater Jets To Massage The Neck, Shoulders, Feet, Calves, Thighs, And Hips, And To Induce Relaxation. The Client Is Then Massaged Underwater With A High Pressure Hose Attachment With Optimal Pressure Used To Work On Specific Problem Areas. This Form Of Hydrotherapy Is A Particularly Good Treatment For Increasing Circulation, Relaxing Sore Muscles, And Stimulating The Heart And Other Organs In The Elimination Of Toxins.
Universal Precautions The Policy Of The Centers For Disease Control (Cdc) On Blood And Body Fluids, Which Are Potentially Infectious Sources Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (Hiv), Hepatitis B And C Viruses, And Other Bloodborne Pathogens.
UVA and UVB Radiation The sun produces a range of ultra-violet (UV) radiation. UVA rays have been shown to penetrate the under layers of the skin where they can cause significant damage contributing to the skin's aging. UVB rays, the sunburn rays, are the ones that cause the most concern. To be effective, sunscreens must protect the skin from both UVA and UVB radiation. 
Vata An Ayurvedic Dosha That Is A Combination Of The Elements Of Space And Air.
Vermilion Border  The outward edge or border around the lip.
Vertical Lip Lines  Fine lines which form on the upper lip. Also known as smoker's lines or perioral lines.
Vertical Lip Lines Fine lines which form on the upper lip. Also known as smoker's lines or perioral lines.
Vichy Treatment Needle-Like Showers Of Alternating Cold And Hot Water Are Directed From Overhead As The Client Reclines On A Table. It Is Usually Followed By A Body Scrub. European Vichy Treatment Consists Of A Very Fine Shower Of Lukewarm Water Over The Body, Along With A Full-Body Massage Done By The Therapist In Wet Room Attire. In The United States, The Vichy Shower Is Mostly Used To Rinse Off Body Scrub Or Wrap Products And Not Generally Used Therapeutically.
Vikrti In Ayurvedic Medicine, An Individual'S Diet, Environment, Work Stress, Mental Or Emotional Trauma, Relationships, Or Physically Injury May Cause Their Prakriti (Dosha Constitution) To Become Unbalanced. The Unbalanced State Is Referred To As A Vikriti State.
Vitamin A Also known as Retinyl Palmitate, this antioxidant is known for its anti aging properties.  Improves skin elasticity, moisture content and suppleness while reversing the signs of photo-aging. Skin deficient in this nutrient appears rough, unevenly-thickened and dry.
Vitamin A Palmitate  Known as "retinyl" palmitate. Reduces skin dryness and flaking, and aids healthy cell reproduction. Applied topically, it activates the epidermis and helps the skin cells of the stratum corneum bind together.
Vitamin B3 Also called niacin and nicotinic acid, this water
Vitamin B5 Also called vitamin B5, it is helpful in the treatment of acne as well as an effective moisturizer.
Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)  Often called the "beautifying" vitamin, Panthenol stimulates skin healing while providing deep moisturization.
Vitamin C The most popular antioxidant, Vitamin C is a required component in the production of collagen, the tissue responsible for skin suppleness. Moreover, Vitamin C has been shown to help slow the production of hyperpigmentation ("age spots") while providing some UV protection.  Vitamin C is the only antioxidant that is proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, which is essential since your body's natural collagen production decreases as you age. Sun exposure will also accelerate the decrease in collagen. Studies have shown that vitamin C helps to minimize fine lines, scars, and wrinkles.  This important vitamin found in citrus fruits, tomatoes and green, leafy vegetables is an important antioxidant that also offers clarifying benefits.
Vitamin E A naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamin that protects the skin from the adverse effects of oxidative stress. When applied topically, vitamin E has proven to have powerful antioxidant benefits. Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties. It is also thought to diminish the effects of environmental pollutants.   Vitamin E plays a crucial role in protecting skin cells and membranes from environmental damage. It also provides deep moisturization and calms inflammation.
Vitamin E Linoleate/Acetate  Known as "tocopherol" linoleate or acetate. Penetrates the stratum corneum and maintains moisture levels of the skin for long periods of time (16 to 24 hours). Accumulates in the epidermis and forms a barrier against moisture evaporation from the skin. An anti-oxidant, Vitamin E helps prevent free radical damage in the skin tissues.
Vitamin F  An essential fatty acid, this vitamin helps form the membranes that protect the skin cells, preventing the formation of dry, scaly skin.
Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract Grape seed extract contains proanthocyanidins, which are considered to be very potent antioxidants, helpful for diminishing the sun's damaging effects and lessening free
Volatility The Rate At Which A Compound Turns From A Liquid To A Gas At Room Temperature (I.E. When It Evaporates).
Watercress Extract  Used for its antiseptic and decongestant qualities. Helps to eliminate impurities and eliminate congestion. An excellent purgative.
Waxing Used As An Esthetic Hair Removal Procedure, Warm Wax Is Applied To The Skin. Once The Wax Is Firm, It Is Pulled Off. There Is Momentary Pain On The Surface Of The Skin As The Wax Is Removed.
Wet Room A Treatment Room That Contains Specialized Hydrotherapy Equipment, Such As Showers, That Removes Spa Products From Clients' Bodies; May Include Hydrotheerapy Tubs And Scotch Hoses.
Wheat Germ Oil Rich in Vitamin E, used for its antioxidant effects on free radicals in the skin. Nourishes and helps heal the skin.  An emollient plant oil that acts as a natural moisturizing factor. 
White Head Milium (Sometimes Called Acne Albida).
Wild Oat (Avena Sativa)  Oat Seed is used to treat exhaustion and to stabilize the nervous system. It is described as a stimulating nerve tonic especially good for lethargic individuals.
Willow Bark Extract  Extracted from the white willow tree, Salix alba. One of the original sources of salicin, the chemical that led to the introduction of aspirin. An anti-inflammatory agent delivered to the skin cells in liposomes that enhance penetration through the epidermis. Causes a mild keratolytic effect making it an excellent ingredient for acne treatment products.
Witch Hazel Distillate Witch hazel is a skin purifier that has a high concentration of tannin. Tannin is a potent antioxidant that also helps to reduce inflammation.
Witch Hazel Extract  of the hamamelis plant, collected in autumn. Has a natural alcohol content of 70% and is astringent, cooling and antiseptic.
Worry Lines  Horizontal lines appearing on the forehead. Also known as forehead lines.
Yarrow flowers (Achiffea Millefolium) Habitat - Grown commonly in meadows, pastures and by the roadside, not confined to region. Cultivated commercially and in the renowned gardens of Madiera. Appearance - Leaves have a feathery appearance. Plant is harvested when flowering; flowers are grayish-white or pink. Odor - Foliage is pungent, and both flowers and leaves have a bitter, astringent, pungent taste. Odor is so astringent it is known to cause nose bleeds, thus the name “nosebleed.” Functional Benefits Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties lend easily to various facial treatment products.
Yeast Extract Derived from yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), this extract comprised of a complex mixture of proteins, sugars and amino acids acts as an excellent humectant and may be instrumental in enhancing the rate of cell turnover in the skin. Because its properties are analogous to soluble collagen, it is often referred to as pseudocollagen. Recent studies indicate that extracts of yeast also aid in reducing hyperpigmentation by blocking melanin biosynthesis.
Ylang-Ylang Oil  Extracted from the fragrant white flowers of the plant, the oil is used for strongly cleansing and refining properties. Helps clear congestion and smooths the skin.
Yucca Schidigera extracts Rich in triglycerides deep cleansing, moisturizing soothing and healing effects, anti-inflammatory, shampoo foaming and penetrating agent.
Zinc Oxide Zinc Oxide is a skin protectant is known for its soothing qualities. 

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