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MD Skincare® is an apt name for this skin care line, because it was created by Dr. Gross, who is a board-certified dermatologist and New York City surgeon. This company’s product line is comprised of a wide range of products, which were apparently designed to be “solutions” for a variety of skin conditions. It is said Dr. Gross set out to use “medical-grade ingredients” in conjunction with “state-of-the-art technology” in order to create products that are formulated to be “gentle enough for all skin types”, but which provide results that women previously only achieved at the doctor's office.

Dr. Dennis Gross has a reputation for formulating breakthrough products with advanced technology. He received accolades from Women's Wear Daily Beauty Biz for developing the Breakthrough Product of the Year with the innovative Hydra-Pure® category. The technology consists of a unique Hydra-Pure Chelating Complex®, the first of its kind, which effectively detoxifies impurities within the skin while simultaneously enhancing its nutritional status. It treats and prevents environmental aging and inflammation. Dr. Dennis Gross is also highly regarded as the first to develop an effective 2-step at-home peel (The Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel).

Skin-Deep Rating from 1 – 10

Two products are at the low end of the spectrum:  MD Skincare Maximum Moisture Treatment and MD Skincare Hydra-Pure™ Mist.  At the High hazard 10 lev8l is 1 item, MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Body Peel.  Please refer to the Skin Deep Site for specifics on all products.

Benefits of MD Skincare Skin Care Products

  • Products may give antioxidant protection
  • What’s right for you questionnaire on line to see what products would be recommended for your skincare concerns.
  • Product podcast on their website to learn more about the products

Drawbacks of MD Skincare Skin Care Products

  • Not a lot of information on some of the Trademark ingredients
  • The Daily Peel was too strong for my skin and created excessive dryness.  See if you can receive samples from the spa prior to purchase.

Bottom Line:

MD Skincare has some good solutions for the skin, the downside is that they promote synergy of use so be prepared to invest.  As with any new skincare line go to a spa that carries it first and make sure that it will work with your skin.  Locate MD Skincare spa locations.

Best Sellers for Skincare

Alpha Beta Peel
All in One Facial Cleanser with Toner
MD Skincare Hydra-Pure Firming Body Cream
MD Skincare Intense Hydra Mask


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