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Spa Treatments for Insomnia


About 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder, according to NIH’s (National Institute of Health) National Center on Sleep Disorders Research. In addition, nearly 70% of American women reports sleep problems at least some nights, according to a poll commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation.  With all of these restless sleepers, do spas hold the sleep solution?

Yelo, NY (Midtown Manhattan): A sanctuary spa-like facility dedicated solely to napping and reflexology, promising brief but "cocooning" naps. Sleeping "pods" feature special lighting, sounds and bedding to promote 20- or 40-minute power naps. Pre-nap reflexology treatments are also available. The company describes itself as a corporate wellness center to help stressed workers power-nap in a busy day.

Many other spas assist with sleep therapies through:  milk baths, peaceful body massage, including warm aromatherapy oils, Reiki, Cranial Sacral holds, lymphatic


drainage and other polarity techniques specialized to transition you into the alpha state of sleep.

You should discuss your health needs with your physicians before considering any spa treatments. Spa Treatments are complimentary treatments to medication, exercise and dietary changes that your physician prescribes. 

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