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Spa Treatments for Pregnancy / Infertility


If you are having challenges with infertility, studies show that acupuncture, the ancient Chinese medicine practice of sticking superfine needles into points along the body to unblock chi (energy), helps with infertility, especially when combined with traditional treatments.   A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) earlier this year is causing the medical community to re-think its position on the merits of acupuncture.

The report looked at seven studies, in which 1,366 women undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) had either acupuncture or a sham form, where dummy needles created the sensation of a pin prick, or no treatment at all.

Remarkably, the odds of pregnancy increased by 65 per cent among the acupuncture group, although the authors caution that the data is still under review.

After conception, many discomforts of pregnancy like low back pain, water retention and stretch marks may be corrected with maternity massage

You should discuss your health needs with your physicians before considering any

Pregnancy Massage

spa treatments. Spa Treatments are complimentary treatments to medication, exercise and dietary changes that your physician prescribes. 

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