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Healthier, Happier Times start at the Spa


These are just twelve of the many health ailments that can be improved with spa visits.  More importantly, spas can be a preventative measure to keeping and maintaining your health.  When one considers that 90 % of all illness is caused by stress, do we not owe it to our self to relax and stay healthy? 

In a perfect world, traditional medicine would be able to focus on preventative health care rather than treating illness and injury. Insurance would happily cover therapies prescribed by a physician promoting physical and emotional well being instead of having to treat patients for all the preventable troubles that seem to plague us these days. It’s hard to deny the fact that therapeutic massage is the number one way to defuse stress, a leading cause of most visits to our primary care physician. Over 2500 published studies have proven it to be true

Please visit Spavelous spas to experience unique health and feel rejuvenated in mind and spirit all the time.



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