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What Do Your Nails Say About You?



If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your nails are the windows to your health. Often, your nails can tell your doctor about a specific medical condition.  On a daily basis, good nail health means that you take those important few minutes for yourself each day. 

The nails can reveal much about a person's overall health. Many diseases and serious conditions can be detected by changes in the nails. Most doctors will check the nails carefully during a physical examination.

Here is a general guideline for nail issues, of course if you have a concern you should contact your physician.  The most common health conditions and their effect on the nails are:

Nail care
Condition Nail 
Liver Diseases
White Nails
Kidney Diseases
Half of nail is pink, half is white
Heart Conditions 
Nail bed is red
Lung Diseases
Yellowing and thickening of the nail, slow growth rate
Pale nail beds
Yellowish nails, with a slight blush at the base
Vertical Ridges
Over Consumption of Carbohydrates and salts
White Dots
Problem eliminating sugars
Horizontal Indentations
Dietary Changes
Split Nails
Chaotic dietary practices
Peeling Nails
Over consumption of sugars, soda, chemicals or drugs which deprive the body of minerals
Size of White moons at base
Small:  slow metabolism, large: active metabolism

Nail Terminology Guide

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