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Eco-friendly nail spas


With environmental and health ills of the nail care industry coming to light in the media, eco-friendly nail spas have emerged for those who crave beauty without the ugly side effects. To find a spa offering eco-friendly nail treatments in your area, you may have to do some calling around. When you do, ask what chemicals are used  in their products. Toluene, ethyl acetate, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde are all chemicals to be avoided.

Eco-friendly or not, as previously stated, all nail spas should be licensed and follow established safety regulations overseen by state cosmetology boards. Review the standards for spa nail safety.

Some spas let you keep and take home the disposable tools used to file, polish, and buff. If you need an emery board, for example, keep it as a salon souvenir. This will prevent it from entering the waste stream and keep you from having to buy a new one at the drugstore.


Here are a few Eco Friendly Nail Spas:


Honey Nail Salon

Nail Care

442 East Paces Ferry Rd. Atlanta, Georgia 30305

This eco-chic nail salon in Atlanta that offers nail treatments using formaldehyde-, toluene-, DBP-, and cruelty-free polishes. Along with environmental concerns, safety, sanitation, and comfort are tip top priorities.  Honey adheres to the highest standards in sterilization. Our metal implements are sterilized after each guest in hospital grade Autoclave units and then individually sealed. While most salon-related infections are passed through the foot tubs of spa chairs with hard to clean jets, we have custom designed pedicure thrones that use only fresh running water. In addition, disposable implements can be sealed and stored for you at the salon for use upon your return, ensuring safety and reducing waste.

Julep Nail Parlor

5001 25th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Home of the meaningful mani, Seattle's Julep Nail Parlor offers a range of nail treatments using paraben-free lotions and polishes free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. What's more, the salon boasts LEED-certified flooring, environmentally sound paint, and shopping bags made from recycled paper content.


Mani Pedi Cutie!

507 Pier Ave. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 T

Mani Pedi Cutie! Offers exceptional personal attention with knowledge and superior service. Their Eco-Friendly studio is a wonderful place to relax, indulge yourself and be pampered. They are a pure and natural nail spa with services for everyone. All their products are natural and organic. Sanitization, cleanliness and your health is their number one priority! Along with natural treatments, MPC boasts green interior design by eTTA Designs.


Nova Nail Spa

811 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103
Take a load off at Nova Nail Spa, San Francisco’s first nail salon to go green from head to, ahem, toe. Nova Nail Spa is the first nail spa in San Francisco designed with “green” interior building materials and finishes, producing a healthier experience for our guests in addition to being energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

Every detail, from the insulation to the flooring materials to the pedicure seats to the plaster on the walls to the lighting is either non-toxic, energy efficient, rapidly renewable or recycled.

And it doesn’t start and stop with the design. Nova Nail Spa products and treatments are all natural and non-acrylic. Non-toxic polishes and interior finishes combined with an extensive ventilation system, Nova Nail Spa doesn’t have that “paint shop” smell associated with traditional nail salons. The spa abides by high levels of sanitation and uses natural botanical elements like organic geranium oil in manicure and pedicure treatments.

Priti Organic Spa

35 East 1st Street, NY, NY 10003
Priti Organic Spa offers a range of manis and pedis that use organic creams and scrubs, formaldehyde-, toulene-, and dbp-free polishes, and polish removers made from soy. Massages, facials, and waxing are also available.  Priti uses 100 percent organic products in our services and incorporate the use of fresh flowers, fruits, herbs and organic essential oils for their natural healing qualities.  Their nail varnishes are formaldehyde, toulene and dbp free and our varnish remover is made from soy making them safe for all priti princesses and expecting goddesses.

Pure Nails

2110 South Lamar Blvd Austin, Texas 78704
Natural nail treatments are the specialty at Pure Nails, they use formaldehyde-free polishes and adheres to stringent sanitation and cleanliness standards. Manicures and pedicures, paraffin soaks, and color changes are all available.   At Pure Nails, they are an environmentally conscious nail studio offering spa-quality nail treatments coupled with a hospital-grade attention to hygiene and sanitization.


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