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Picture Perfect ~ Healthy, Sexy, Bridal Hair


Plan Your Look – As soon as you’ve found “the dress,” decide how you want to wear your hair and makeup for the big day. Start growing your hair if you think you’ll want it longer. Now’s the time to test new looks. If you’re contemplating a drastic cut or color change – do it now( if you are 6 months out) – and leave time to get used to your new do, or change it back.

If you like your current cut and color, then the people who cuts and colors your hair now should continue to do so.  However, they may not be the most experienced with up do’s or hair styles for your big day, and not all stylists are comfortable working with headpieces.   Ask for a recommendation at your regular salon keeping in mind you may be selecting a different look for your big day, and that may mean picking someone other than your usual stylist.  Audition stylists until you find one you love; if your regular salon does not have a referral, ask friends and fellow brides for recommendations. Once you select someone, he or she can help you come up with a wedding-day hairstyle. 

Next, decide if you're going to have your hair done at the salon or at your house. If it's the latter, set up the appointment well in advance, blocking out enough time to ensure a rush-free session. If you're going it alone, a good stylist will work with you in advance to get the right look. Then practice it, getting the routine down with the right products. If you want to experiment, do it early.

Next comes the headpiece and more decisions. Do you plan to wear it the entire day, or do you want the option of taking it off for the reception party? That could make a difference in your hairstyle choice.

Bring a photograph of the headpiece (or the accessory itself) and dress with you to the salon as soon as you make the selections. You and your stylist can make sure your plans are on the right track, or if changes should be made.

Bridal Hair

Your choice of headpiece, gown and hairdo should complement each other. Some experts say that the more elaborate the gown, the simpler the headpiece should be. Similarly, the more elaborate the headpiece, the simpler the hairstyle should be.
Upswept styles, including the chignon and the French twist, are natural complements to dresses with Victorian-style necklines. The French twist, with a few tendrils left free, is ideal for dresses that have dramatic cuts that expose the back or shoulders. Don't forget about your attendants. Talk to them about their hair plans; perhaps even book them in the same salon, with a different stylist.

Discuss the long-range game plan with your salon. Map out approximate times for cut and color appointments. It's recommended that your last color appointment be scheduled a couple of weeks before your wedding (no less than one week) and your last cut two weeks before the big day. This also allows you plenty of time to get your hair into top shape with conditioning treatments, if you need them.

Finally, establish a hair care and conditioning regimen and stick to it.  For chemically treated hair, avoid chlorinated pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis. they can discolor chemically treated hair


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