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Get in shape … Being Tone & Tan


When it comes to your body, you want your skin to look glowing next to your wedding dress.  There are many spa treatments that can help you to get your skin and your body in shape for the wedding day and honeymoon.

If you haven’t already, start a fitness and nutrition routine that you can live with and stick with until your wedding day and into your new lifestyle.



Need some motivation? Join a bridal boot camp.

A few sessions with a trainer may help to jump-start your routine. Try practicing yoga; the postures build strength and are great tension relievers as well. You'll look great, feel better, and be less stressed out.

If you do decide that you would like to lose weight before your wedding, consult your doctor to develop a nutrition and fitness plan. The Flat Belly Program has many great tips.  Set a weight-loss goal and meet it before your dress fittings begin. Once fittings are underway, you'll need to maintain your weight.

Tone and Tan

You may want to reconsider losing weight. Obviously your guy thinks you look great just the way you are. Start early, and remember, starving yourself two weeks before the wedding will only make you sick. 



Do you feel that your skin needs a little bronze?  Want to experiment with self-tanners? Now's the time to start, but go easy on the tanning because a dark tan will look harsh in photos; consider a subtle bronzer instead. Consider the neckline of your gown; most bridal gowns are strapless these days, so beware of acquiring tan lines in the weeks before the wedding.  You may also have pre existing tan lines that you will need to cover.


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