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Great Eyebrows And Body Hair Removal


Your eyebrows frame your eyes and set your facial expressions.  Visit a specialist, especially if you want to reshape your brows. Over plucked brows will need time to grow in. Try threading (hairs are wrapped with thread and pulled), or find an aesthetician who pairs waxing with tweezing to shape brows better.

Go for follow-ups every three weeks.

If you are planning on having your brows plucked or waxed (or any other unwanted facial or body hair for that matter), be sure to have the procedure done at least 72 hours before your wedding. Both tweezing and waxing can cause irritation, especially on skin that is not normally subjected to these procedures. It is important to give your skin -- especially on your face -- time to heal and look its best. 

Wax pretty

Schedule final waxing appointments a week or two before your big day. Then maintain any strays with a tweezer.  If you’ve never had your eyebrows shaped, start two months in advance to perfect the look. 

For best results from waxing for legs, underarms or face, grow hair out for 3-4 weeks prior to being done.  Your appointment should be scheduled 3 -7 days prior to the wedding, Don’t forget to shape your hair “down there” (your bikini line), select the look that is right for your waxed bikini area,  and have any other waxing done now (eyebrows, upper lip, legs). This will allow enough time for any redness to fade.

Tired of waxing and tweezing? Look into electrolysis or laser treatments for facial hair removal. After six to 12 sessions, you should be fuzz-free.

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