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Countdown to Picture Perfect Makeup


Wedding Makeup  

Here is your guide to beautiful looking makeup on your wedding day. Before we begin, here are just a few things you should remember:

Stylists and makeup artists do their best work in their own environments with their own tools. Have your wedding party meet at the spa or salon a couple of hours before they need to be at the ceremony for pictures. This increases efficiency, (and usually costs less).Wear a button-down shirt for your wedding day appointment.  If possible, wear a shirt the color of your gown so your makeup will look similar to the way it will appear with your gown.


6 Months Before the Wedding:

Book your makeup for any bridal showers or bachelorette spa days you’ll plan before the wedding day

Hiring a pro? Ask friends or makeup-counter reps for their top picks. Test out your choice.

Begin the selection process for finding a qualified makeup artist that you will be happy with.  This person should have experience with weddings and know how to make your makeup look best for the lighting conditions and types of photography or video that will be used.


3 Months Before the Wedding:

Schedule a practice makeup appointment with your makeup artist, or interview different potential makeup artists if you haven’t found one you love. Bring a friend along for an objective opinion on your face.

During the consultation appointments with potential makeup artists, be sure to take pictures, and then analyze them. Do your features stand out? Do you look like you're wearing a mask? How do the photos look in black and white?  In Color?

Decide on a makeup artist and book him/her for your wedding date. Set up a day-of-wedding schedule.

If you have ideas about the look you want on your wedding day, bring pictures out of magazines this may make it easier to describe and it gives the makeup artist a clear depiction of what you expect.

Doing it yourself? Go to several of your favorite makeup counters to try on different looks. Ask for application pointers as well as recommendations for long-wearing products.  Take pictures of the makeovers with a product diagram to help you as you practice.

1 Month Before the Wedding:

Hold a beauty rehearsal

For practice runs, wear a white shirt (or whatever color approximates your dress) to get a complete sense of how the makeup will look. And take photos. You want to be certain you're completely comfortable with the makeup—and the makeup artist—before you commit.

Go for a Trial Run – Schedule your consultation with your hair stylist and makeup artist.  You should have your veil and any hair pieces at this time.

Take photos so you can recreate the look on your wedding day.

Makeup Double-check your foundation. It's a good idea to test the color on your jawline to ensure it's still a perfect match for your skin tone, especially if you've been out in the sun since you purchased it.  Base that's too light or too dark will be noticeable in pictures.


1 - 2 Weeks Before the Wedding:

Women of the wedding party - meet with your make-up artist now. They’ll create your look and record the “recipe” for day of wedding application. The last minute is no time to experiment with makeup and matching of foundation to skin tone

Pack an emergency kit

Fill a cosmetics bag with supplies: tissues, a nail file, dental floss, breath mints, and bobby pins. Ask your makeup artist for pressed powder, lipstick, and concealer to put in a custom makeup palette.

Confirm big-day beauty appointments


The Day Before Your Wedding

Double check that you have pack your wedding day beauty bag with your makeup, lip gloss, blotting papers and other necessary items.


Day of the Wedding:

Go to the salon, or set up a space in your home, for your professional hair and makeup applications. Experts advise you to wear a white button-down shirt if your gown is white, so that the makeup artist can adjust the hues of your makeup.

Pace yourself by allowing  ample time for hair and makeup: Three hours before is when many brides begin their hair, followed by makeup, with each taking around an hour. Pull on your dress only after hair, makeup, and perfume are set (oils in fragrance can discolor your dress). Lastly, arrange hair accessories and veil.

See your makeup artist for your makeup application. Select waterproof mascara and make sure your foundation matches any changes in your skin color – particularly if you had an airbrush tan application. Get touch up tips to maintain a photo-perfect look throughout the day.

Makeup is  done according to the recipes The Bride has created weeks earlier with her makeup artist’s assistance at the salon. Make sure you use waterproof mascara that has been tested on you.

Touch up your makeup after you take pre-wedding photos, and appoint someone to be your beauty touch-up reminder person during the wedding day.


Wedding Day Quick Fix Tips:

To cover up undereye circles, select a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation. Concealer tends to enhance wrinkles around the eyes. Therefore, if you have fine lines or wrinkles, apply a primer first to fill in the wrinkles before applying concealer.

Use a small, flat brush to apply to concealer to the dark areas. Do not use too much and make sure to blend well. Add a light dusting of translucent powder before applying your normal foundation. You may also consider buying a yellow concealer stick, which will help correct the blue color of undereye circles.


Many brides get blemishes near their wedding day, due to stress. If you wake up with a big pimple, don't freak out. Don't be tempted to squeeze or pick. Wash your face normally and apply a topical acne treatment. A little ice should also help reduce inflammation. Your best is to get a cortisone injection from a dermatologist if you have time. Use a green concealer stick before applying makeup to help combat the redness.

To try to avoid blemishes as much as possible leading up to your wedding day, drink plenty of water and get eight hours of sleep every night.

Cold sores

If you feel a cold sore coming on right before your wedding day, the best bet is Abreva. This topical treatment is available at drug stores and online retailers. And though it's a little more expensive than other brands, it is well worth it. It helps to heal cold sores and reduce swelling very quickly.

On the morning of your wedding, apply ice to the cold sore to reduce swelling. Fortunately, plump lips are in, so likely no one will notice the inflammation but you!


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