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Baby its Cold in Here


Cryotherapy Chamber is a cold therapy procedure which improves muscular performance, the amplitude of movements and agility. It is also used in case of muscular and joint pains as a painkilling and an antiphlogistic procedure.
Cold therapy (temperature of -100 to -120°C in the chamber) lasts from 1.5 to 3 min.

This fabulous treatment and latest must-have therapeutic experience is ideal for easing muscular tension and boosting the circulation, not to mention encouraging the release of endorphins and together inducing a more relaxed and calm sense of being.

You may shiver at the thought of temperatures of –135 degrees, but it is in fact an exhilarating and revitalizing experience that involves spending as little as 3 minutes in the chamber with up to 4 people at a time.

Pioneered in Japan in 1978 it was subsequently adopted by Germany in 1981. In many parts of Eastern Europe it has become a mainstream treatment where it is used to treat ailments such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Before the treatment begins you must have a medical consultation to ensure you are healthy enough to take part. Special clothes are then provided to protect your modesty and extremities - socks, wooden clogs, mouth mask, gloves, a top and shorts, and a headband to protect your ears and foreheads. If you prefer you can bring your own clothes but they must be dry and 100% cotton (clothes that aren’t 100% cotton would simply freeze inside the chamber). The air is dry cold rather than a more unpleasant wet cold and rest assured the overall treatment leaves you feeling energized and strangely warm due to cold temperatures boosting your blood circulation.

Cryotherapy Chamber benefits:

Cold therapy

Aids sleep dysfunction, relieves symptoms of fatigue and depression, helps to regulate hormonal activity and aids menstrual pain, improves appearance of cellulite, rejuvenates the skin, increases immunity, revitalizes the body post workout, relieves rheumatic inflammation, eases back pain.

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