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Sequence XO

The inspiration behind this nutritional product line originates from the healing science of spa treatments. Sequence XO provides product solutions for internal healing whether it’s inside a spa or at home. These nutritional products are specifically formulated for the spa enthusiast seeking pure relaxation, beautiful skin, detoxification, vitality, and overall well-being from the inside out. The quality and effectiveness is demonstrated through our uncompromising integrity.

Experience Sequence XO where internal healing is your first step to vitality, a beautiful appearance, and healthy aging.



Radiance: A New Way to Look at Skin Care

This remarkable phyto-nutrient beverage powder is your internal skin care system designed to help keep wrinkles and fine lines away. Radiance is formulated with Lutein, which has been extensively studied for eye health and now is making a huge buzz for its effectiveness to protect the skin from harmful UV light and sun-rays. Radiance comes in a delicious citrus berry flavor.





Calm: The 15-Minute Relaxing Fizz

Are you one of the 400 million people affected by stress? Imagine a fizzy, tea-like tonic that can help melt your stress away. Whether you are about to enter your favorite spa treatment or just getting home and about to dive into a luxurious bath, Calm can help you de-stress while protecting your immune and cardiovascular system. Calm has a perfect blend of B-vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic (stress fighting) herbs to help you relax after a stressful day. Try this great refreshing cucumber mint effervescent to enhance your health from the inside out.





Fusion: Defuse Toxins and Aging Particles for Total Body Rejuvenation

Fusion combines the world’s most potent and well researched antioxidants into one formula for vitality and good health. Fusion is formulated with Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Alpha Lipoic Acid to help combat oxidative stress that can lead to premature aging. Combine this powerful formula with our Calm and Radiance formula for optimal results.





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