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anti aging

learn how to make the most of your life, your looks and your love at any age. Determine your real age and how to change it. Live your life with zest, passion and a true understanding of the real secrets behind beauty and style. Get information on plastic surgery, Botox, anti aging wrinkle cream and the latest anti aging treatments.


Take Your Face To Gym
The absence of wrinkles and sags, as well as having taut, toned, smooth and glowing skin, are the signs of youthful and healthy beauty. >>> more >>>

5 Ways Beauty Products Can Go Bad
There’s no way to tell if a cosmetic has expired just by looking at the package, but we can tell you what to look for when products go bad.  >>> more >>>

Do People With Lots of Moles Age Better?
Having lots of moles may be a free ticket to aging gracefully. In study performed by King’s College in London, scientists found that the more moles a person had, the more likely their DNA was to have properties that fight off aging.  >>> more >>>

Reduce Wrinkles; Try these Home Remedies for Wrinkles
Wrinkles are the battle blemishes of age that show the wisdom and experience that can only approach with time. Too many, though, they are purely a sign they are getting older and not welcomed at all. Wrinkles have many reasons.  >>> more >>>

Has '50' Become the New '30'?
baby-boomers are practically as active as their younger counterparts - they can still do many of the physically demanding things that younger people do   >>> more >>>

Fidget Your Way to Longer Life
Even the simplest physical activity may lengthen lives -- no sweating required   >>> more >>>

The Anti-Aging Diet
Can what you eat help you age gracefully?   >>> more >>>

What's Your Real Age?
Take the RealAge test, learn your RealAge, and receive your free personalized RealAge Plan.   >>> more >>>




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