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Tai Chi :

Tai Chi


A form of Chinese martial art that combines mental concentration, slow respiration and graceful movements similar to those of a dance.



Thai Massage :

Thai Massage

A technique that involves a unique combination of gentle rocking and stretching using range of motion and acupressure techniques applied through clothing without oils.



Thalassotherapy : 


The use of sea products used to detoxify, exfoliate, balance the skin's pH, and hydrate.



Thalassotherapy Massage :

Thalassotherapy Massage

A massage using seaweed oil.


Thera-Stone or Therapeutic Stone: 

Follows a traditional Hot Stone Massage protocol, but utilizes more hand manipulation and other therapeutic modalities to take the massage to another level.  Thera-Stone massage may incorporate, stretching, articulation of the joints and trigger point into the service.  Usually this service will be a minimum of 90 minutes in order to properly accommodate the therapeutic and hot stone massage.

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Tibetan Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

The treatment draws on traditions described in the ancient Tibetan medical text, the Gui Shi. Developed through the collaboration of Tibetan doctors and Joanna Claire, a certified acupuncturist and massage therapist who has lived in the Himalayas for over 20 years, the treatment uses 48 hot stones and fragrant herbs and oil to relieve tension from the body. Hand-carved by a monk in Katmandu, the soft river stones are marked with eight auspicious symbols.

Applied to key points on the body, the heated stones create sensations of comfort and warmth; expand blood vessels and calm the nervous system. This treatment restores well-being and harmony to the body and is usually a 90 minute treatment.

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Trager Approach :

Tragger Approach

A technique developed by Dr. Milton Trager that involves rhythmic rocking and shaking movements to relieve joint tension.



Tui Na :

Tui Na

An ancient system of Chinese body work in which the practitioner uses acupressure and massage to balance the body's flow of energy, flush toxins, and treat specific ailments.




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