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Cooper Aerobics Center

Cooper Aerobics Center

12200 Preston Road,
Dallas, Texas 75230

Phone: 972-239-7223




Unlike many other programs, Cooper Weight Loss offers a medically-supervised and comprehensive approach to weight loss. Rather than giving you a specific diet or exercise plan, the focus is on helping you develop the skills and healthy behaviors needed to achieve long-term weight loss and better health.

Since there is no one approach to weight loss and lifestyle change that works for everyone, Cooper Weight Loss offers a variety of services.

  • Comprehensive Weight Loss Programs
  • Dietitian/Nutrition Programs
  • In-residence/Wellness Program
  • Fitness-Focused Programs
  • Optifast/Meal Replacement Program

The programs are personalized to meet your specific weight, health, and lifestyle needs and are led by a team of health care providers – including registered dietitians, physicians, psychologists, exercise physiologists, and health educators.

Founder Kenneth Cooper, M.D., is considered the father of aerobics, and his fitness and health research forms the foundation for the six-day Wellness Program. It kicks off with a fitness evaluation with a personal trainer who designs your workout program. A dietitian dines with you during several meals to illustrate smart eating choices.

Workouts Try kickboxing, indoor cycling, resistance-band training, or any of 75-80 additional classes at the state-of-the-art Cooper Fitness Center.

Pampering Services include traditional, stone-therapy and Thai sports massage, facials and nail treatments.

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The three-month individual program helps you lose weight through a combination of behavior change, physical activity, and healthy eating.

Three-Month Individual
$2,093 8 behavioral skill-building sessions; a one-hour, one-on-one lifestyle evaluation with Dr. Jay Ashmore, a clinical psychologist and director of Cooper Weight Loss; and weekly group fitness classes
$345 3-month Cooper Fitness Center membership
$352 4 sessions with a Cooper Clinic dietitian and a computerized diet analysis

Medical evaluation

$3,000 Total Cost







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